Decanter Centrifuge

Based on the principle of sedimentation, the Decanter Centrifuge Machine uses the force developed under fast rotation of a helical screw conveyor which separates the liquid from the solid fraction at a slightly higher or lower speed than the bowl.Often the solids are too fine to be dewatered satisfactorily in the filtering centrifuges. They can be separated in solid bowl centrifuges provided their sedimentation speed in the mother liquid is sufficient. The sinking settling speed is determined by Particle size, Particle shape and difference in density between solids and liquids as well as their viscosity. In Decanter Centrifuges the cleaning of liquid takes place in cylindrical part where as dewatering of solids by compression of the filter cake takes place in conical part of the bowl. The geometry of the bowl, relation with length and diameter to be adapted to suit the application.The system is continuous, compact and enclosed while offering versatility, high performance, and low maintenance.The Decanters / Solid Bowl Centrifuges are used for clarification (liquid / solid separations), dewatering and classification duties in various process industries.

Salient Feature :

  • Co-Current design
  • Simple, rugged construction
  • Tow - three-phase separation process
  • Rotor comprising screw conveyor inside conical/cyinderical bowl
  • Screw conveyor (single flight or multiple flights), with or without hard surfacing
  • Conveyor and bowl in various stainless steel : SS 304 , SS 316/316 L
  • Solids discharge through collecting channel and hard-surfaced scrapers
  • Wear protection of conveyor flights in tungsten carbide
  • Wear protection (interchange able ) of conveyor systems Drive by electric motor and V-belt with gear box for high strength and reliability
  • Oil lubrication for gear box and greasing for bearings
  • Overload protection device
  • Fixed differential speed variation
  • War protection including inter changeable tungsten carbide tiles
  • Automatic differential speed variation on request
  • Vibration dampers

Operation System :

  • Separation takes place in Horizontal conical / cylindrical bowl with screw conveyor.
  • The slurry in feed into the bowl through a staationery inlet tube and accelerated by specially
  • design inlet distributor.
  • Centrifugal force leads to instant sedimentations of the solids on the wall of bowl.
  • The conveyor , rotating in the same direction as with differential speed, conveys the solids
  • to conical end. The solids are lifted clear of the liquid and centrifugally dewatered before being
  • discharged into the collecting channel.
  • The clarified liquid flows into the housing through opening in cylindrical end of the bowl.

Typical Applications :

  • Treatment and disposal processes of sludge form municipal and industrial waste water
  • Drying of animal slurry
  • Inorganic products aluminum hydroxide, barium sulphate, lead oxide, chromium oxide ferrous hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, zinc sulphate, etc.
  • Organic products carboxymet hylcellulose, caprolactam, dimethylterephthalate, terephthalic acid, phthalic acid, etc.
  • Plastics carboxymethycellulose, caprolactam, dimethylterphthalate, terephathalic acid phthalic acid, etc.
  • Silicates asbstos , clay, etc.
  • Cellulose de-inking flotation concentrate.
  • Foodstuffs fishmeal, casein, whey, etc.